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Chateau Grief 20

Narration(Kore): He walks with his head held high. But I think it's because he's afraid to look at me.

Grant: Go on, join a guild. It's like the fraternity system. Everyone has to have an affiliation. Keeps the peace.

Grant: plus they'll give you a uniform so you don't have to walk around in rags.

Kore: Fraternity? Why do I get the feeling that you know I have a killer hangover?

Grant: No idea.

Kore: If it's a fraternity...there should be some hair-of-the-dog in my near future, right?

Grant: I doubt there will be a shortage of that.

Esme: Come on, noob.

Thought(Grant): I sat through three rounds of court hearings on her preschool age proposal last year.

Esme: I've done this before. Do you want to end up in a trapeze artist guild?

Thought(Grant): I've seen her around town. She's a first-class idiot professional provocateur.

Esme: No? I didn't think so. Come on. Come on.

Thought(Grant): But I know I've seen that arm-grabbing stunt before.

Esme: Well?

Thought(Kore): Professional hoodlum, eh? I can work with that.

Author Notes:

I really had fun playing with backgrounds this week.   You can see these islands off of the coast from San Francisco bay if it's not too foggy.   I tried to capture some of that dichotomy of dazzling light and brown scrub that line these coastal cliffs and throw everything into this patchwork of false shadow and sparkle.  Enjoy! ,