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Chateau Grief 30

Narration(Grant): With the blink of an eye, he can undo my life.

Narration(Grant): And he has no idea why I'd be upset about it.

Narration(Grant): Eugene, you think we're dinosaurs.

Narration(Grant): Can't have a meaningful conversation with the young people. Maybe if you hadn't wasted your youth, you wouldn't feel so disconnected now.

Narration(Grant): But, telepath, I look forward to this electric technicolor future.

Narration(Grant): When we're gone...after all, you could have spent your life as god of planet earth and didn't.

Narration(Grant): I'm just a shavetail lieutenant who got the world's fastest field promotion to the rank of 'it's your problem now'

Narration(Grant): Instead of sensibly running for president and solving whirled peas, like any other sane telepath would have done...we're here on Eynhallow and I've got my first civvie job in sixty years.

Narration(Grant): Think I'll make a good overseer for your gulag work collectives?

Narration(Grant): Think the kids will laugh at this old geezer? ...when I've seen more action than they've ever seen men killed on a movie screen?

Narration(Grant): Technology doesn't change a thing. It was always about a man's character and it still is.

Narration(Grant): Just because we've games...cell telephones...and facetubes

Narration(Grant): Doesn't change a fundamental thing.

Grant: If you think...that I can't handle a bunch of...

Grant: ...bobby soxer beatniks...and their pinko no-goodnik sock hops...then you've got another thing coming...Vespasian Xander

Grant: Well, load up the entiendo partidges...because I can poker-mom with the best of 'em.

Grant: By jumped-up Harry.

Game interface: What will Grant do? Mean Look Mean Look Mean Look Mean Look

Author Notes:

Meanwhile, back at the Granch...