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Chateau Grief 108

Grant: Why can't you read the entire thing with x-ray vision. I'm pretty sure superman would have just read it with x-ray vision.

Xander: You just want to push me into this!

Xander: Well it's no use! I don't believe your silly, driveling nonsense about romance and love

Xander: And I certainly don't accept the ludicrous premise...that I'm somehow incomplete or immature...

Xander: Because I have chosen to forgo the company of...a clearly inferior sex...who think that their very existence...deserves a memorial plaque...

Xander: ...maintained by one hundred billion dollars worth of polishing!

Grant: I'm sure I have no idea what you mean.

Xander: Oh yes you do. Well if you're such a smooth operator with women you must keep her away from me.

Grant: Oh come on!

Xander: I don't wish to see her at all today.

Xander: And I expect you to make sure that we don't accidentally meet in the halls.

Xander: I can't be dragged down by some idiot female asking questions all day about affairs of state!

Xander: Now leave me! I must draft a response to this traitorous proposal.

Grant: Because the Prime Minister wants a commemorative plaque?

Xander: No, Kore you idiot!

Author Notes:

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Wanted to combine this with next week, but again, way too long.  Hey, how about that fly around camera?  Xander's bad day is just starting... Now the only question I have left is: who plays the guitar and who plays the piano? 

Characters: Xander, Grant