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Chateau Grief 111

Kore: Besides, you have to admit...this telepathy business is fun.

Grant: You have no idea who he is. What he's like. What he's done.

Grant: I've been with him longer than you've been alive. I don't know much about you, but I know you weren't born for this like he was.

Grant(Offscreen): I can't tell if I'm afraid of you or not. You steal my wallet...then give it back. You wreck a kid over...then turn yourself in to the authorities

Grant: Who are you then? Some kind of maniac elf race who're used to the idea of telepathy? Zero rights? Total helplessness?

Grant: Yeah, you were riding in an expensive yacht. But how do I know you weren't the girl hired to pop out of the cake?

Kore: Look I can straighten all this out. I can answer all your questions.

Kore: I just need your cell phone. I'll make a call, and everything will become plain.

Grant: So that's what you want! Go on, take it! I couldn't do a thing to stop you! Go on, rob me again!

Kore: I'm sorry I stole your wallet. I have no intention of making you do something against your will.

Kore: Please, let me make a call to my guy. You can talk to him.

Kore: You're right I'm not like Xander. I have no business being here.

Kore: In fact, I'm ready to leave right now, if you'll let me call in a helicopter to move me out.

Xander: No.

Author Notes:

Well, that settles that.  (not)   

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Characters: Kore, Grant