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Chateau Grief 114

Narration(Grant): It's too late for her.

Narration(Grant): These telepaths...completely alien now.

Narration(Grant): A human would know the man behind the door. Wish. Know.

Narration(Grant): And he'd know in turn that...she was watching him.

Narration(Grant): Humans would stand nose to nose. Watching. Breathing.

Narration(Grant): She'd see his hair starting to grow back. The line of sutures across his head. And she'd figure it out.

Narration(Grant): They would ask themselves what they remembered. And swear never to forget.

Narration(Grant): This is not human.

Narration(Grant): This is the regulated curiosity of the telepath. As she stares at a door that isn't even there for her.

Kore: What's all this about humanity?

Grant(Thought): I don't know right from wrong anymore, but she must remember.

Narration(Grant): If it destroys me, she will remember.

Grant: Aren't you even interested in the man in the pantry?

Kore: Fellow castaway. Name: Athanasius Shane. Security guard from the agency. From Utah, I think.

Kore: He showed up to his first day of work with...his grandmother in tow...lovely lady.

Kore: We always try to assign someone relatively local to smooth over cross-cultural difficulties.

Kore(Offscreen): I didn't think I'd better open the door. He seems pretty bad off.

Kore: And he's sound asleep. I thought Xander could fix things like this.

Grant: I'm sure Eugene is doing his best.

Kore: Get. Out. Of. My. Sight.

Author Notes:

My what big eyes you remind us of someone.  Can't quite put a finger on it.  It'll come to me, give it time.

Characters: Kore, Grant, Shane