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Chateau Grief 117

Kore: I feel so responsible. I shouldn't have been piloting the yacht. He was supposed to keep me safe. But I always insist on that sort of thing.

Xander: I don't mean it like that. He's hurt. He gets seizures if the light is too bright. The pantry was almost the only room in the house that doesn't have windows.

Kore: What's wrong with him?


Xander: Ha! It's a good thing...that I'm a little better than you are at...

Xander: ...controlling my imagination.

Xander: You don't want to see what I could do to you.

Author Notes:

So...u mad bro?  See I told you she was seriously angry.  Self control and not acting on your impulses is all well and good, but it doesn't mean much for Xander the telepath...except that his hopes of romance aren't going so well.  

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Characters: Xander, Kore