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Chateau Grief 124

Guido the Cook: If his lordship is dinner for have spaghetti with the meatballs...

Xander: Guido...

Guido: In the movies...

Xander: Guido...

Guido: Yes?

Xander: ...that was dogs.

Guido: It was metaphor!

Narration(Xander): In an instant, the bright, mirroring psychic connection I've been enjoying all day...tarnishes.

Guido: Mr. Xander no you don't do this again to me! You need to eat Mr. Xander!

Guido: Xander!

Author Notes:

Hey hey hey, look at that grayscale!  I have leveled up! (awards self the Carbon Badge)  Finally got another major piece of info to get the art to where I want it to go.  I love these moments when you work and work and it seems like you get nowhere and then finally, finally it clicks! Celebrate with me!  (also watch the Patreon tutorial where I explain what my missing ingredient was) Story wise, well...hold on to your hats, especially if you're wearing a big poofy chef's hat.  Here we go!  


Characters: Xander, Guido the head Chef at Eynhallow Palace, Kore, Shane