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Chateau Grief 135

Xander: Hahahahaha!

Kore(narration): Unhinged.

Kore(narration): Ozymandias with glowing eyes. Look upon me ye mighty and despair.

Kore(narration): If only I can manage that shield he did earlier.

Kore(narration): Come on, focus! Envelope us both.

Kore(narration):Blue and crackling...tidy soft edges...protect us from harm...

Kore(narration):You think this is enough pain to make me falter?

Kore(narration): When it was so much worse before...without the mind to reason against it?

Kore: You coward.

Author Notes:

Somehow I just want to comment on how fun it was to do those subtle lighting effects all throughout, the magic shield, that kinda inner glow on the last frame, the blur on the blood splattering all over the camera lens... *cringe*  this is xander's version of pulling his punches, c'mon, what did I expect?  


Characters: Xander, Kore, Shane