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Chateau Grief 185

Di: Don't sweat the small stuff, Kore. I think it's better for you to go in red anyways. Very 'Woman Rides the Beast'

Kore: Di, that is not a phrase I want rolling through V--..Mr...uh...Mr. Xander's head all afternoon!

Di: I really should scold you for being so clueless. Do you have any idea how much easier my life would be if he decided to give me half the attention he's given to you?

Di: You've gotten him down from his ivory tower. Stop taking it so personally and look on the bright side. You know, think of England and stuff.

Di: Careful with that. Dark magic. Very dangerous. ...and rapture me if he didn't have a fine body under that ridiculous gold braid getup.

Kore: This isn't me, Di!

Kore: I could always work magic. My magic...--not his!-- own magic.

Di: So remind me why you can't finish the suit?

Kore: Satan prefers leotards.

Author Notes:

well...solved that problem.

Characters:Kore, Di