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Chateau Grief 190

Protester: C'mon man, let's get out of here. C'mon, just go.

Grant: Your adoring fans. Look at my hood! I expect you to fix this as soon as we're out of here.

Xander: What happened here?

Grant: Look, there's you.

Grant: Ooh look at this! Best in show, judge's choice. Bravo!

Grant: So this is why tax revenues are down. You just can't win with these ingrates.

Xander: Do you think Kore set this up?

Grant: What, you haven't seen rabble protesting before? You're from Santa Cruz for goodness sakes! I'd think you'd enjoy dealing with rebel scum.

Grant: do you think she's mad at you for nearly killing her and cutting up her face? Women! You just can't reason with 'em.

Grant: I suggest you buy her some flowers and chocolate, then you won't have to offer any explanations for your behavior.

Xander: Stop it Rhelan.

Author Notes:

When suddenly Xander remembered that he lives in California. What do we want? No dudes blowing up stuff with their laser eyes. Also? piercings and rainbow hair dye. 

Characters: Xander, Grant, Jones, Marozi, Gregory, remember Gregory?