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Chateau Grief 208

Xander: There's more to Eynhallow than you know.

Kore: Hear that Ves? Are you hearing them talk? It's not just peace on earth godwill toward men here...

Kore: There are...provocateurs...there's a plan...saying...witches casting spells on the sheep...making the cows sick, milk sour...what is going on here?

Xander: I'd say the Christmas ban is working as intended.

Di: Oh stuff and nonsense! We Satanists primary aim is to dispel the erroneous myths surrounding our culture and tradition!

Security: Problem?

Evangelist: No of course not, it's ok.

Evangelist: You need Jesus, Ma'am. He can help.

Di: W-we witches only interfere with the natural order when we can benefit mankind!

Ballerina: Peace.

Kore: Peace.

Di: Which was the primary goal of our founder Lucifer! Who brought wisdom to the first family!

Xander: Come on Prime Minister, lighten up.

Di: Ooh, never mind, chick tract. Those are super hot.

Xander: I'd be--

Xander:-- I would be--

Author Notes:

Spit it out Ves, In five days you’ll only have one year left before you’re eligible for Medicare.  

characters: Xander, Kore, Di