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Chateau Grief 217

Di: Do you have any cognac?

Xander: You already had some. That was the seventh course.

Di: Do you do this every night?

Xander: Yes. Please stop.

Di: Currency devaluation?

Xander: Absolutely.

Di: Memorial plaque?

Xander: Why not?

Di: Official endorsement of a eugenics position Kore as the only electable candidate?

Xander: WOnderful. Eugenics by Eugene. I'll hold consultations in my atlier salon.

Xander: Imagine me giving marriage counseling sessions. Pediactric checkups? Couple's day spa? I'll call it a 'wellness center'. It'd be a landslide.

Di: Oh. Yes. Good point. Never mind.

Xander: What is wrong with you people? Mindless slogans & endless deception & ruthless exploitation.

Di: Well, I'm winning. What are you doing?

Xander: I believe the phrase is 'going to go powder my nose'.

Author Notes:

But Di, please tell us how you got your costumes, were you bitten by a radioactive spider?  Did you wrap yourself in kryptonian swaddling clothes?   

Xander's tiramisu looks super tasty