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Chateau Grief 237

Narration(Kore): Ves' telepathy --

Narration(Kore): How I had thirsted for this power all those years ago...when I didn't even know its name.

Narration(Kore): How I'd cursed it for not flying to my rescue...when I needed it. ...and

Narration(Kore): It's heroin, it's nicotine. It's cinnamon...

Narration(Kore): Would it be so difficult to make peace with him?

Narration(Kore): The man I'm increasingly referring to as 'ves', a voice always inside my head. A voice comfortingly real and present.

Narration(Kore): Whenever I turn aroun he's there to lean on, solace. ...or at least he's laughing at me.

Narration(Kore): There's a deeper story with Thanos Shane. Every mention of his name raises Xander's irritation -- every veiled thought is interpreted as an attack.

Narration(Kore): Is it merely that the bodyguard and I had enjoyed an understanding...the kind Xander wished to contract? Simple as that?

Kore: I have never been Thanos Shane's lover. If I say it out loud, will you believe me?

Author Notes:

Flashback!  With hand drawn backgrounds!  

characters: Kore, Xander

episode recap: 

Kore is still doing sleight of hand with the cigarette and Xander is still drinking.  To each his own.  Apropos of the declaration that she and Shane have never been involved, Kore explains a little about her social class and family situation.  It’s cryptic though, because Xander knows something about her that she alludes to without mentioning what exactly it is.  Kore tells him to be happy as he is and not wish to be like her.  Whatever.  They argue about Shane.  Again.  Xander provides a tiny piece of info in turn about his reasoning for refusing to heal Shane.  Xander implies that the things that make Kore whoever she is, also make her uniquely suited to deal with telepathy.  Kore, unable to handle the implications of this, decides to hand Xander some more information in the form of a vision.  In nice pastel colors.