Chateau Grief 292

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Chateau Grief 292

Xander: You might not want to come along for this one. It’ll only take a moment.

Grant: Not a chance, Eugene.

Grant: Anti-American Communists. When will they figure out you never looked that good? Why do they need to see you like that to hate you? Why can’t they see you for what you are?

Xander: I don’t know why. I was an ugly child, awkward young man, face like a skeleton, and now I’m over the hill and gaining speed.

Grant: Don’t I know it. The wind drives wrinkles into your skin.

Xander: If we’re going to go smashing through a lynch mob…

Xander: …do you want a younger body to do it in?

Grant: No thanks.

Xander: One day you’ll see sense, Rhelan!

Xander(thought): Hopefully before you die a horrible death that I could have prevented.

Author Notes:

characters: Xander, Grant

Episode Recap:

Grant is chauffeuring Xander around. Xander does not have a drivers license and is inexplicably a stickler about this sort of thing for a guy who can just teleport wherever he wants to go. This is not Grant’s first rodeo though, & he knows that Xander wants him there specifically, but doesn’t want to look like he’s insisting on it. Grant parks the car. Xander is waffling between watching Grant and watching outside where there’s a column of smoke rising up from the far side of the park. Xander goes for reverse psychology and tells Grant not to come along. Grant still isn’t falling for this. Xander gets out and goes to stare at his wanted poster, which he sat for this morning if you all recall, under full knowledge of what it would be used for. Grant also disputes the likeness, saying that it’s rather ludicrously favorable, considering everyone wants to kill him. Xander reiterates what he’s said for a while now, he’s always seen himself as flawed, ugly, and past his sell-by date. Grant agrees that they’re both too old, and that there’s too many whippersnappers on his lawn these days anyways. So Xander shapeshifts into his interpretation of what he sees on the poster. Which I think is influenced a little more than Xander realizes by…well…someone who shall remain nailed to a stove for the duration. He’s off to confront the protestors directly and he’s going to make sure they recognize him. Grant refuses similar treatment. Xander ribs him for this but reveals that his concern is ensuring Grant’s safety. So he’s off to crash him a party. Where’s the drinks? He’ll take a Pina Colada.