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Chateau Grief 19

Grant: Oh here's a good one...Esmerelda Jones? Wait a second, you're that lunatic activist.

Esme: I put in for a transfer. I didn't like my previous guild.

Grant: What kind of committee idiot would approve your transfer? Now everyone will be asking for one.

Esme: Prime Minister Elect Diaboloniana Beelzebubba signed my request.

Thought(Kore): Why do I get this horrible feeling...

Telepathy(Kore): ...that I can read everyones mind?

Narration(Kore): It's all obvious if you think about it. The calluses on the inside of her thumbs. Not her usual style...recent unaccustomed work with a shovel. The stereotype...The frustration.

Telepathy(Kore): Esmerelda Jones Age: too late Accepted as a PHD candidate at UC Berkeley or so she thought...reality?: pissed off the wrong bureaucrat. Incarceration on Eynhallow: three years.

Narration(Kore):The others are easily their clothing...their expressions...the words they choose...or don't choose...It's my job to be perceptive to judge quickly.

Narration(Kore): Eynhallow...

Narration(Kore):...must be in the Farallon islands because that's where I was supposed to take my vacation.

Narration(Kore):Grant...well, I've met him before because he recognized my face.

Narration(Kore): Now if only I could remember why I spent last night...drinking like a Visigoth.

Thought(Kore): Where's the yacht?!

Author Notes:

Don’t look now, but…