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Chateau Grief 22

Esme: I'm joining a new guild!

Esme: That bunch of bourgeoise have no vision for a better community life!

Urban Sustainable Gardening Society Gnome: Eat a potato wrecker!

Kore: Love fifteen, garden gnome.

Esme: I'm going to join the Collective Progress Super-Committee this time. So that one's taken. You have to join a different guild...until you stop behaving like some kind of imperialist telepath.

Esme: Who do you think you are?

Kore: Rafael Nadal?

Thought(Kore): Imperialist pig telepath?

Esme: Freak!

Thought(Kore): Is this a prison? Is it one of those discreet jaunts for people who fantasize about being in prison?

Thought(Kore): Let's pray I just got shuffled into the wrong limousine on the way home.

Urban Sustainable Gardening Society Gnome: We're not recruiting today.

Kore: Perhaps another time.

Thought(Kore): I was supposed to take some time off...HR absolutely threatened me.

Thought(Kore): Did I actually pay for this vacation? Just go with the flow and try not to attract too much attention.

Thought(Kore): Do I need to fire my social head really hurts

Sign: National Tradition for the Salvation of Baseball

Thought(Kore): ...uh oh...

Thought(Kore): much for not attracting attention.

Author Notes:

I accidentally got my naming convention out of order.  Gotta go back and fix it.  Missing CG19 so everything is one off.... ,