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Chateau Grief 23

Narration(Kore): ...tobacco...wakes up too many memories. I've put that past behind me forever. ...but there are dragons that won't ever go away. I don't think about my past. Forget about my problems...

Thought(Kore): ...somehow that guy knows.

Kore: No thanks.

Thought(Kore): Don't panic over nothing! He doesn't even use it...which I He's taunting me.

Thought(Kore): I sense's like a weird itch, right where I can't scratch. Have I seen him before? How could he know?

Thought(Xander): ...oh she's not getting away that easily.

Xander: It's because of apathetic uncurious people like you that our unique American culture is disappearing. Get out of the office and go fly a kite.

Crowd: Three to one against the lady. Hey check it out! Chick's gonna take Gino down. Fights on. Kill him or maim him or something! Yeah, go for it princess.

Telepathy(Xander): Got her!

Thought(Xander): Ha! she heard that...faster than I'd hoped

Thought(Xander/Kore): I didn't think it was actually possible for this headache to get worse.

Thought(Kore): Is this what it feels like to get microwaved?

Telepathy(Xander): Pretty close.

Kore: If people don't want to come out to the are you going to stop them?

Caption: Yogi Berra said this.

Xander: Baseball was, is and always will be the best game in the world.

Caption: Babe Ruth

Kore: Yeah? I get more hits in one afternoon on the golf course than most batters do in their entire careers.

Caption: Hank Aaron.

Xander: I don't want to play golf. When I hit a ball, I want someone else to go chase it.

Caption: Rogers Hornsby

Thought(Kore): Nice shirt. Very subtle

Thought(Xander): Only three to one? Maybe I should have gone for the beard.

Author Notes:

Yogi Berra died yesterday.  As it so happens, this episode owes a debt to him.