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Chateau Grief 32

Thought(Grant): Now, where did the keebler elf manage to hide?

Kore: I was going to mug you for your wallet.

Kore: And since you're so tall, I sat here trying to figure out how I could reach up high enough to frighten you

Kore: Since I only had my pointy finger to play that I'd got a weapon.

Kore: But there's something about the way you were looking for've convinced me that pretenses are senseless.

Thought(Grant): Just what I need, another criminal telepath. Are you reading my mind yet?

Grant: How much have you figured out?

Kore: Figured out? Why don't you tell me?

Thought(Grant): She reminds me so much of him already, is it possible to lose your humanity so quickly? But her eyes aren't cold like his. Did I expect them to turn pale now that the can see into my soul?

Thought(Grant): She's far, far too young for Eugene.

Kore: The wallet, General, if you would be so kind.

Grant: Good luck.

Grant: Oh golly Eugene, I'm sorry! She just 'escaped' somehow! I'm devastated. I managed to lose your new pet!

Telepathy(Xander): 'Lose' is one of those words that I have never managed to fully grasp the meaning of.

Author Notes:

What's Xander been doing these last few weeks?  Making a total mess, naturally.  Remember...the pig likes it.