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Chateau Grief 31

Grant: Get in the car! You're making us late! We have four hours of hide staking to get done.

Patricia: Did you hear? You're making us late!

Gregory: There's five bars service on this remote island. That's just weird.

Game Interface: A wild Whipper-Snapper appeared! --Or-- Rhelan Grant's guide to running a one man army.

Grant: Ah...Equal-Peasant Jones

Grant: To infinity and beyond. You know the ones with the red shirts die at the end of the episode.

Esme: I was tired of being called 'Dirt-Worshipper Jones'

Esme's shirt logo: This Way Up

Grant: it must be so difficult to be both a treehugger and a communist

Game interface: Grant cast an aspersion. Jones became confused!

Esme: Wow. Whatever.

Game interface: Jones tried to riposte, but Jones is confused!

Alan: They shaved my head!

Alan: Look at this!

Game interface: Lyrken attacks with tonsure!

Grant: It suits you somehow.

Game interface: Grant plays insider baseball! Lyrken's attack missed!

Flashback(Document): Edict of Eynhallow I. All government-sponsored religious workers must wear a bald spot for easy identification. Approved Prime Minister Junichiro Nakamura, Evil Overlord Vespasian Eugene Xander.

Flashback(Grant): You can't do that. Separation of church and state.

Flashback(Xander): You say 'can't' with such a confident tone of voice.

Alan: But I'm not Catholic! I'm not a priest!

Game interface: Lyrken uses an Illicit Major!

Grant: Martin Luther was a protestant and he had one. At least he did in that one movie.

Mrs. Lyrken: You look nice dear.

Game Interface: Grant uses casuistry, casuistry is always super-effective!

Thought(Grant): Think I can't handle telepath Kore? Think again.

Game Interface: What will Grant do? Skirmish Entente Crusade Reconnoiter

Author Notes:

I think poker-mom as a game has a lot of similarities to calvinball in that the primary participant kinetically constructs the rules on the fly.  By the by, an illicit major is a formal logical fallacy