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Chateau Grief 107

Grant: you look dapper today. Did she make a real woman of you yet? Don't you give me that look. After that dreadful conversation that you had with her last night. I won't take any complaints about my invective ever again.

Grant: By gum. St. George.

Xander: All right. All right. What do we have today?

Xander: Edict One of the tenure of the most illustrious Prime Minister Diaboloniana P. Beelzebubba. ...aaand it's signed with a bloody thumbprint. Why is it always me?

Grant: Why don't you read it?

Xander: Construction of a memorial plaque...celebrating the first female head of state of Eynhallow...great strides towards gender equality...

Xander: Fine, fine, why is it so long?

Grant: The design, consisting of a brass plate, affixed to the anterior side of the fence, circling the parliamentary gallery waiting area, ...submitted to several architects...

Grant: After due consideration the lowest bid of one hundred billion dollars was accepted.

Thought(Kore): How did he do all this? Insane.

Grant: Furthermore the upkeep, cleaning, and polishing of the to be maintained by the general populace by a daily per-inmate levy of...nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine dollars per-inmate per-day.

Grant: You're not listening or you would have started yelling by now.

Author Notes:

The new Prime Minister is keen on revamping Eynhallow's economy.  After all, Xander does stuff like pays each inmate a million dollars a day for their labor.  Her proposal to Xander was handled back here during her first day on the job: CHATEAU GRIEF 63  Xander said no.  But as they say, peace is a continuation of war by political means. 

Characters: Xander, Grant