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Chateau Grief 110

Kore: The undersigned agrees to refrain from any arsonious... conflagrative...ignition of said real property involving animals...of the genus canis doggus...

Kore: ...Canis doggus...Grant, what the hell?

Grant: I've seen it done.

Kore: I'm not signing anything. Evict me.

Grant: Be sure and initial every page.

Kore: My vacations always turn out like this.

Kore: This is exactly why God made office buildings.

Kore: You know, I'm not at all sure that I won't...just succumb to his advances.

Kore: It does seem inevitable, doesn't it?

Kore: He's not so bad. Hardly the unreasonable tyrant everyone says.

Thought(Kore): Deep breath...

Kore: huh...

Grant: I have all day.

Author Notes:

Oh she's got powers.  Lookee there.   Someone's been heeding Xander's advice and paying closer attention to how stuff gets done.  

Characters: Kore, Grant