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Chateau Grief 118

Xander: Take your best shot.

Kore: I know men like you. You're an egomaniac wrecked all-powerful old junkie. And you're looking for something that can never satisfy your addict need.

Kore: I'm not a blank slate. I've had a life you know nothing about. I've had a family that you've never met. I'm not what you're looking for.

Xander: Are you so sure of that?

Xander: You have responsibilities to me now. I've been a telepath for a very long time and I know what I'm doing. You'll understand when I start using you in my plans.

Kore: Your plans. You're not answering me. Answer me.

Xander: Yes, I have a plan! Stop thinking that I'm an idiot! You could at least say thank you for what I did for you!

Xander: You were just one of them...and I gave you power over the whole world.

Kore: Irrelevant. Why is Shane locked in the pantry?

Kore: Answer me!

Xander: He's not locked in the pantry. He's a failure. A practice run so I could get you right.

Xander: You forget about him. He's messed up.

Xander: He could never give you what I could...

Xander: Get out of here. I've got work to do. Get Rhelan to babysit you for a few hours.

Author Notes:

Nice save, Kore, but he still knows what you really think.  I don't think Grant appreciates his new full-time job.

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Characters: Xander, Kore