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Chateau Grief 132

Grant: Nice of you to drop by.

Kore: Oh hell, I smashed up the car, didn't I?

Grant: What's he done now?

Sound: Wooooaaaah!

Kore: Let's see, if I go like this, it should fix it, right?

Sound: Pop!

Grant: You missed a spot there.

Sound: Aieeee!

Kore: He's going to kill that man, what do I do?

Grant: Hey, careful!

Grant: There's only one thing you can do...and you'd think it would be pretty simple.

Grant: Make him think that you don't care.

Author Notes:

WAAAAAA look at that set!  So beautiful!  Mysteriously Kore’s still alive after that fall…hey, Xander says she’s indestructible, but maybe that’s only because he wants her to be.  


Characters: Xander, Kore, Shane