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Chateau Grief 133

Sound: Aughrgh!

Grant: I'm deadly serious, Kore, if you're still human under there, use your head.

Grant: There's only one reason for this, you...and whatever the heck it was that intrigued him about you in the first place. Break his heart, and you'll end this. Now get back in there before Eugene does something stupid.

Grant: Go on, teleport or something.

Kore: I can do that?

Grant: Yes, do it. I'll get up there as fast as I can.

Sound: Auuuhhkk

Grant(thought): Quick study that one. Eugene, you've got her you sick psychopath. She's all yours.

Author Notes:

This is going to get ugly.  On the other hand, Grant has seen worse.


Characters: Xander, Kore, Shane