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Chateau Grief 139

Xander(narration): What are these vague shadows I see in her mind?

Xander(narration): She hasn't blinked even once. And she's got the strength to meet my gaze with hatred.

Xander(narration): Feel something for me yet?

Xander: You are unbelievable, Cora.

Xander: Kore?

Author Notes:

Unfortunately, it ain't over yet.  Yes, yes, I'm sorry, I'm cringing too.  Ah well.  The next 16 weeks are going to totally change this game up guys.  Now that we're mostly clear on Xander's character (evil overlord, told u) and power level (don't even think about it) we can kick things into high gear.  Gonna be fun.  


Characters: Xander, Kore