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Chateau Grief 140

Shane: Don't try to move, don't speak.

Kore: Thanos?

Shane: Shh, you're safe, you're with me now.

Kore: But what?...

Shane: Rhelan's there handling him, it's ok.

Kore: But...

Shane: Shh, I've got a plan. I'll find a place to hide you.

Kore: Your mind is so...confused...desperate...oh God the pain is starting to hit me, did it always feel like this?

Shane: you won't be hurt again. Not while I'm around.

Shane: Come on, Kore, we've got to move.

Kore: No, no please!

Kore: Please! Just give me a minute to...tto.tto get it under cont..t..rol!

Shane: Kore...

Shane: Come on, we've got to move. I'll find a hiding place for you. Then we'll escape. I swear it.

Shane: I'll never leave you behind.

Shane: Never, Kore, not ever.

Author Notes:

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Characters: Shane, Kore