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Chateau Grief 177

Xander: I see.

Xander: I'll note it was also your idea to let her recover on her own. I wanted to keep her in the palace.

Narration (Xander): Truth is... I'm impressed that he even dared order the dossier. He's had his suspicions.

Grant: Get ready for a federal kidnapping charge and probably medical malpractice, too.

Grant: I distinctly remember telling you messing with someone's brain was bound to be a bad idea.

Grant: You could have picked a less expensive companion.

Grant: Did you know her personal net worth is some fourteen billion dollars. Of course you did. That company her father lets her run does a six billion dollar annual revenue.

Grant: And that isn't Wall Street dollars either...her father controls thirty percent of the world's real capital.

Grant: Eugene!

Xander: You know I've never cared about money. She's going to get Parliament to try me for treason!.

Grant: You'll care. I want you in your cleanest black suit. I'm going to schedule your debate with Kore. And wear a dark blue tie.

Xander: Is that wise?

Grant: Ok, wear a red one. How should I know? And be ready for anything.

Author Notes:

xander you have the worst poker face ever

Characters: Xander, Grant

This week on Patreon: Some super fun things I did this week with non-blender 3d rendering, a full model of that blasted ring that Xa-I mean Grant gave Kore, the one I keep forgetting to draw.  Saturday Morning comic, The CG12 Redo, Swag week!  August Palettes, August Brushes, the 3d model of that crazy ring (It’s a hefty one, but really good for close rendering)