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Chateau Grief 178

Narration (Xander): She's making her next move. It's bigger than I'd hoped.

Narration (Xander): No mere campaign of studied outrage. No. She'd know better than that.

Narration (Xander): If she wanted, I'd resign tomorrow. Just so long as she'd keep an office in the up for Parliament every Wednesday like I'm supposed to be doing...

Narration (Xander): I'd sit in the peanut gallery tossing spitwads at her. Studying her moves. Whispering in her ear.

Narration (Xander): Keep an office at the palace? Perhaps she wanted to take over the whole place and evict me into the streets!

Narration (Xander): Wouldn't that be a development! There's a headline! Evil Overlord thrown out!

Narration (Xander): Joins local breadline and contemplates the errors of his wicked ways. Humbly seeks reconciliation with heiress who trounced him in last election.

Narration (Xander): She's making her move. No way around it, she's thinking about me. Thinking about what it would be like...

Narration (Xander): stay.

Author Notes:

for once we get to see the real Xander, not the performance. pin your hearts to your sleeve gentlemen, this will be wild.

Characters: only Xander this week wow has that ever happened before? and what is he doign, randomly breaking stuff that's what *facepalm*

Patreon Last week:  Xander looking super super sharp in a very complicated upcoming costume reference…I redid the main page image on my website and posted it here too, check it out at if you want to see. Saturday Morning Cartoon.  The San Luis Rey Pepper Tree walkthrough.  Some thumbnails from the upcoming CG8.2 section...let’s just say Xander isn’t having the greatest day.  Next week’s comic. ’n stuff.