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Chateau Grief 181

Di: Ok, ok, just be yourself. And remember to keep the protective circle united in your chakras!

Kore: Hello General.

Grant: you figure out how to heal up yet?

Kore: What do you think?

Grant: about high noon?

Kore: What's at high noon?

Grant: Your debate. I've decided to let Xander have at you.

Grant: And good luck with your campaign. You can count on my vote.

Kore: You weasel. That's in an hour. Done.

Kore: Di you're aware that I know nothing about politics...and look like a dude on camera.

Kore: Rafe go buy me some of those socks. Black ones. Quick.

Kore: And we'll accept lunch at the bookstore

Di: The beauty of the situation is that all you have to do is make it clear to everyone that he's a telepath and you're not.

Di: Talk about dancing around a fire with a goat. Contact the spirits any time the Evil Overlord asks you a question.

Kore: You know this will only entertain him...

Di: Who cares about him?

Narration (Kore): Why cares about him? Ha! Damn, Ves.

Kore: Di, how do I tell a man he's been wrong his entire life? 'Cause I get Xander, I really do. And I wish that changed anything, but it doesn't.

Di: Sister this is difficult?

Author Notes:

Wool Socks.  One of the many primary products of the Eynhallow sheep industry. 

Characters:Kore, Grant, Di, Marozi