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Chateau Grief 180

Narration (Kore): Anyone in the world can be broken.

Narration (Kore): Enough horror. Enough terror.

Narration (Kore): Pain is hardly a consideration when you reach those extremities. Aren't I proof of that?

Narration (Kore): After you'd cracked...assuming you were still alive..

Narration (Kore): That's when it counts.

Marozi: Kore!

Narration (Kore): That's when you find out what kind of man you are.

Marozi: Hey! Playing hookey from work groups, I see!

Kore: I negotiated an indefinite sabbatical from my work group yesterday evening.

Marozi: Speaking of...don't you think that would look more natural if you had a shiner?

Marozi: I heard about the campaign! You have the Resistance's full support of course. We'd love to host you for an afternoon. Maybe give a lecture at the bookstore later today?

Di: We accept.

Marozi: Excellent! Had lunch yet or can the Resistance help you with that too?

Di: Kore?

Narration (Kore): I haven't thought about lunch yet...because...he...he's nervous and jittery and not at all hungry.

Narration (Kore): And it's all diffusing over to me...he's expecting me to at least stop by and say something...

Narration (Kore): And he's right, I will...but...I have one chance. It has to go exactly right. I'll have a few words, maybe a whole sentence.

Narration (Kore): There's no use thinking about it beforehand...he's watching me too closely. When the moment comes...I have to say....something...

Di: Earth to Kore!

Kore: what?

Marozi: 'Scuse me Prime Minister I should take this...

Di: Kore?!

Kore: Rafe, it's for me.

Author Notes:

I haven’t anything to say this week. I lost a very dear friend a few days ago. Patrons didn’t get much this week, and I promise I’ll make it up to them.