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Chateau Grief 186

Di: You look fine, Kore. The suit will look fine on camera.

Di: Well Evil Emperor Eugene Xander was gonna laugh at us anyways. Might as well enjoy the ride.

Esme: Your hearse is here. Please leave as quickly as possible.

Esme: as soon as possible

Di: I am an acolyte of the dark arts! I am in league with the forces of evil!

Esme: Prime Minister I hope you've enjoyed seeing how a legitimate activist group conducts its business.

Esme: Or were you under the impression that this was more of a costume party?

Esme: And I'd like a word with Ms. Smaragdos alone.

Di: If you feel safe in the presence of my sister enchantress.

Esme: I do.

Di: Are you sure?

Esme: Yes.

Esme: You little Judas.

Kore: Exactly. He was in league with the devil too.

Esme: I'll bet you never even wondered why you couldn't find a skirt suit in the shops. They've been banned for years.

Esme: And she hasn't been here long enough to steer you right. I knew James was acting irrationally.

Esme: Go ahead and read my mind, find out if I'll kill you now.

Esme: Or if I'll wait for later telepath...when you're asleep and helpless.

Esme: Give you a slice across your throat to match your face. Watch the color fade from your eyes as your venemous mind loses it's grasp on my will forever.

Esme: Because I will get you, telepath. You are the living dead

Author Notes:

Esme isn't exactly prone to rational self-interest when it comes to this issue.

Characters:Kore, Di, Esme Jones