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Chateau Grief 194

Xander: I hate it when you get scared of me like this.

Xander: How else was I to stop this without people getting hurt?

Xander: You're always nagging me to be less obvious. Just leave more to the imaginationdon't look at me like this.

Grant: You could make those changes permanent. Soften your image a bit.

Xander: Ha! I like recognizing myself in a mirror, thanks.

Xander: It's fifteen past noon. I'm late for the debate. Cartel took off from Vandenburg ten seconds ago.

Xander: And I still have the fence to put up behind the rosebushes. I don't know why I let you talk me into these hectic days. You'll probably want to go shopping before teatime...and stock up on scones too, I can hear you thinking about it.

Grant: Maybe you should get a driver's license some day.

Xander: Ridiculous, that's what I have a chauffeur for. Go! Go!

Author Notes:

Xander's enough of a chameleon anyways without the nose-job.  

Characters: Xander, Grant, poor scuttled Resistance, cleaning up after themselves.