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Chateau Grief 195

Narration (Marozi): What a gift to give a child.

Narration (Marozi): I marvel at his smallness, lack of speed, everything. There's nothing to highlight his suitability to move beyond...

Narration (Marozi): and yet here he is, given power that I can't even bear to face. Can't begin to encompass for fear of its terrible shape.

Narration (Marozi): It's difficult to take an insect seriously. All the more so when it's a deadly spider that could kill with a single bite.

Narration (Marozi): The last fifteen minutes, everyone who can cluster around a licensed tv...have packed into tight houses...hoping for a voyeuristic glimpse of good fisticuffs.

Narration (Marozi): All things considered, Esme's taking the epic crowd-jacking of her audience...rather well.

Gregory: Telepath!

Gregory: heh

Author Notes:

kids these days

Characters: Marozi, Xander, Jones, Gregory Campbell discovering what it means to be an Eynhooligan.  Eynhalawite?