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Chateau Grief 199

Narration (Grant): Xander, her, they'll really begin to fight one of these days.

Narration (Grant): Will the palace still stand when all this is over?

Narration (Grant): That beautiful lonely palace...watching over us as the lights dim quietly every night.

Narration (Grant): ... over a peaceful town. As the goodwill of a thousand families sitting down to dinner together light up Eugene's eyes.

Narration (Grant): So I can imagine what it was like to feel those myriad of butterfly emotions.

Narration (Grant): That richer, more terrifying world I watch him experience...

Narration (Grant): Evenings at the dinner table, asking unutterable questions of a man who never had a family...

Narration (Grant): ...when I did.

Narration (Grant): ...who's never known love...and I did...

Narration (Grant): But I watch in envy...and wonder what it feels all the lights of the city turn on.

Narration (Grant): Well at least they're punctual.

Author Notes:

xander’s parents loved him. most of the time.

Characters: Grant, Xander, Mike and Co.