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Chateau Grief 203

Narration(Grant): The first time Eugene overrode your will...was something you'll never come to grips with. I haven't.

Narration(Grant): Whether he was friendly or evil...there was always that moment when you realized what had happened.

Narration(Grant) first time...

Narration(Grant): He was trying to teach me how to pull the boot off a spark plug.

Narration(Grant): ...the next thing I knew my hand was...

Narration(Grant):...totally alien to my body.

Narration(Grant): ...all perfectly innocent...

Narration(Grant): and useful, he argued.

Narration(Grant): It wasn't like he was going to use his powers for evil...

Narration(Grant): ...just because he wanted to boss people around.

Narration(Grant): That was so many years ago...

Narration(Grant) feels like a dream.

Constantinos: Make it stop! Do it!

Grant: Did you seriously let them break a rib?

Xander (psychic): You're getting old. Time to hit the Richard Simmons tapes.

Grant: I hope you were polite. You should give my tormentors strength to stand or I'lll really be here all day.

Author Notes:

the real question is where did he find a gasoline engine tank to restore in the 70s.  plus Grant is not exactly a handyman. 

Characters: Grant, Mike, goonsquad, Xander was like skinny as all heck when he was twenty. wiry