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Chateau Grief 204

Mike: you don't understand.

Mike: I don't care about your telepath. I've got my own problems

Mike: If you think you can play 'my boss is scarier than yours' you're mistaken

Grant: How about this: I'll corrall James Marozi and keep an eye on him. But the root of your problem is still the same.

Grant: Eugene Xander could have crushed a pencil into that diamond on a whim

Mike: So tell resist the urge

Grant: If it hurts your business get out of here and stop giving him ideas! He's highly suggestible!

Grant: If Marozi tries anything strange I'll ship him over to the mainland and you can have him. Is that fair?

Mike: How did you know my name?

Grant: Kore Smaragdos told me to say hi.

Mike: Heh...pick her.--

Mike: -- outta this lineup.

Author Notes:

Does she give orders for this sort of maneuvering as a standard measure or is Mike just good at seizing the initiative?   Anyhow, clear the board of the unknown pieces and focus on the main problem. 

Characters: Grant, Mike, cheap suits.