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Chateau Grief 207

Narration(Xander): Di has not taken the hint...

Narration(Xander): enjoy her new privileged position of corruption and vice...

Narration(Xander):...and adopt a lasseiz-faire mode of government.

Narration(Xander): maybe the best solution to this Prime Minister... would be to hold some sort of town cull.

Narration(Xander):...and gather twenty virgins to give to Di as handmaidens. Bathe her in milk or something. Anything to distract her from 'keynsianism' for twenty seconds.

Di: So, what do you think?

Xander: It's drivel. Out of the question.

Narration(Xander): Usually a safe bet.

Di: You're not even listening.

Xander: What?

Di: Interest rates, Colonel Xander, fractional reserve.

Di: Kore I need you to do something for me.

Kore: Anything.

Di: Tell him to jump off a cliff.

Kore: Ves, jump off a cliff.

Xander: Ok.

Kore: Great, thanks.

Author Notes:

see? that was productive.  he's even sorry.  

characters: Xander, Kore, Di, Mission Inn of Riverside