Who is this old guy?

Aging telepath Evil Overlord Xander has traded his youthful US Army career and his dreams of using his superpowers to benefit humanity for over-the-hill cynicism, self-imposed exile on his private zoo-for-crazy-people Eynhallow Island, and a serious case of May-December midlife crisis.

And technically, it's only kidnapping if she tries to leave.

Evil Overlord
Social Justice
Shark Politics
Naturopathic Advocacy for the Time of Aquarius
Diamond Cartel
Brigadier General
Arcane Magic
Concerned Citizens Against Frivolity

"Who exactly is going to hold me accountable for this responsibility?"

"Mankind," Grant said, without missing a beat.

"Like they do now?" Xander laughed.

Secluded on his own island paradise after a life of heartbreak and service…

"I can't help who I am. I didn't mold my own face, or my own mind, nothing! All I've got to do is make sure I can live with myself. I don't care what the whiners say. If I can brush my teeth in front of the mirror in the morning, then I don't care. This is supposed to be my grand effort to make you believe I'm not such a bad guy after all. This is my long shot trial at seduction while still telling myself that you came to me because you wanted to."


Kore laughed and poured herself another drink. "Oh how nice. I'll have the lawyers draw up a prenup."

the jaded old man with no limits has found an unbeatable adversary: himself…

…and time.