Chateau Grief 1

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Chateau Grief 1

Quote: The best is the enemy of the good- Voltaire

Grant: Were you planning on telling me that there are innocent people out in this storm?

Grant: Dying horribly in a shipwreck?

Grant: Wrong answer Eugene. Get in the car.

Xander: Fine.

Narration(Xander): Funny how a moment of weakness can destroy your world.

Author Notes:

Episode Recap:

Xander is eating soup during a lightning storm. I’m betting minestrone. Down the hallway comes General Grant, who snatches up a handy flowerpot, which he chucks at Xander and smashes some stuff on the table. That’s an ice sculpture swan btw. Grant is upset because he’s seen the lights of a floundering ship out on the coast, and he wants Xander to save them. Xander isn’t particularly in a hurry and wishes to finish his martini, in which he’s built a stick-olive man. Grant pulls out his gun and forces Xander to go along. Xander swipes a dinner roll on his way out, giving Grant an unsettling grin.