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Chateau Grief 257

Narration(Kore): There are broken bones in the house, there are deaths, lives slipping away.

Narration(Kore): Every idea of escape will have to vanish tonight. He can never set foot in a city again.

Narration(Kore): I am becoming intimately acquainted with the construction of the palace…looking for the trickster whisper of destruction…it races around, popping across the plane of reality, thrashing with no end in sight.

Narration(Kore): Things…begin to creep into my awareness…

Narration(Kore): …blood to soak into my hair…

Narration(Kore): all the fear, terror, pain… I feel it…like it was my own.

Narration(Kore): It flows into my bones. How we are all cursing Xander now!

Narration(Kore): All of our thoughts are turned toward him…in supplication…in rage.

Narration(Kore): I’ve become Shane’s captor now. He can never go home. And it’s me that’s pinning him.

Narration(Kore): Xander is right. I keep the house together as well as I can.

Narration(Kore): Six people die.

Narration(Kore): Crushed in agony as I watched.

Narration(Kore): They breathe their last thoughts into my ears alone.

Author Notes:

...Kore better practice your best grovel, because does it even matter that he's wrong anymore? 

characters: Kore, Shane

Episode Recap: 

Kore’s trying to keep Shane’s seizure as quiet as possible, and keep the house from falling down.  It’s not working too well.  Meanwhile she’s coming to the realization that Shane is too dangerous to escape Eynhallow.  If she still wants out she’ll have to leave him behind.  Shane is seizing in Marozi tentacle realm as well as earthquake realm and Kore’s starting to see weird things.  However in the midst of all this, she realizes that she can feel things again, negative stuff of course, but she can feel it intimately.  Of course this is Xander’s doing, but even as she and the rest of the people trapped in the palace are cursing him, they’re begging him for help at the same time. He doesn’t answer of course.  Kore is faced with taking Xander’s place as the disaster mitigator and she’s not doing a great job, or maybe she’s doing a stellar job, but she’s shouldered the burden Xander just walked out on and now people will be cursing and begging her at the same time too.  Reminds me of this earlier exchange: Xander: Everyone’s entitled to make mistakes.  Grant: You’re not.  You’re different.