Chateau Grief 350

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Chateau Grief 350

Xander: I don’t know how you’re even still alive. I suppose it confirms all your nightmares.

Xander: So you feel like you don’t belong anymore? Remind me again how I’’ve got you all wrong and you hate living on Eynhallow.

Kore: I gave them a vision under torture. There was a presence…a thing…the eagle came for m blood…

Kore: A monster long asleep would awaken. Cthulu dreaming. And I saw a beast arise out of the sea…and all the lights went out, one by one.

Xander: Well, good news for you—

Xander: It ain’t me, babe.

Xander: You know, none of this has to be this way. If you were a fighter instead of a passive cautious coward…we could move on from this crapsack world that was shoved on us and build our own.

Xander: If you weren’t too broken to tell that Rafe thing to go to hell. I could heal your ptsd Kore, if you’d only show some spine.

Kore: I hate to interrupt, but do you mind ahhhwfully…if I put on a shirt or would this be an inconvenience for you?

Xander: I came to apologize to you.

Xander: Comfort you. Go back and free you from your scars.

Xander: Flirt with you. And I’m so embarrassed about my feelings that I’ll die of shame if you won’t smile at me.

Kore: Get up. I’ll make you breakfast.

Author Notes:

I need breakfast too.  Do I get breakfast? ,