Chateau Grief 367

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Chateau Grief 367

Shane: I’m sorry. That’s right, you never touch anyone. Everything covered up and arm’s length.

Shane: I know you’ve got a good reason. I just wish I could remember why.

Kore: I don’t mean to be rude. It’s painful for me, that’s all, nothing important.

Kore: I hardly remembered my name when I woke up.

Shane: Painful? You never told me that. Psychologically or physically?

Shane: I remember the Negev. Not well. I remember you were tortured.

Shane: But I can’t remember! Please tell me everything, because I can’t bear to hurt you. You must tell me or I’ll make another stupid, stupid mistake!

Kore: Silence!

Author Notes:

gosh why can't i think of anything snide to say about these. my mind is drawing a blank.  ugh. ,