Chateau Grief 374

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Chateau Grief 374

Xander: Rhelan had you out on a slab cold. I was trying to wash the blood out of your hair when my wrist touched your neck.

Xander: I never heard a scream like that. It almost woke you up.

Kore: So it was never real, then.

Xander: What do you think? I’m not a masochist, it bleeds over to my mind.

Kore: I know you dreamed of many things, Ves. If I’d have known how you felt, I wouldn’t have done some things. I wouldn’t have gone to your room to laugh at you. I’m sorry.

Xander: I was wrong about you. Chalk it up to a confirmed old bachelor’s last mad imaginings. If you feel like Shane’s ready, you can take him away any time you like.

Xander: It was never kidnapping. If you ever turn up on Eynhallow again, look me up.

Kore: Thank you, Ves.

Xander: Goodbye, Kore. Remember me once in a while when you use your gifts.

Grant: What’s eating you?

Author Notes:

I’m not a masochist says the guy in episode 246

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