Chateau Grief 404

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Chateau Grief 404

Grant: Kore wasn’t at the house this afternoon. I got called to parliament over the theft of a bottle of prussic acid. When I got back I saw she’d left a note.

Grant: She’s coming to take Shane.

Xander: Oh well then! We’ll just have to get him ready, won’t we!

Xander: There’s just the little matter of you sending them to kill her.

Grant: I didn’t send them to kill her! I knew you’d react like this!

Grant: Just deal with those wretched revolutionaries once and for all! You know they’d murder her in a heartbeat if they could!

Xander: Oh yes, pick a target. A good one.

Xander: After all, you knew how I’d react, correct? This should be easy—

Grant: —Eugene, I--

Xander: Pick a target.

Grant: —I gave it to— I gave it to—

Author Notes:

Can on a fencepost, Grant, can on a fencepost.  This doesn't have to be hard.