Chateau Grief 425

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Chateau Grief 425

Rafe: You listen to me. If you step out to save him, I will hold you responsible. Cosmos without end.

Rafe: I will hunt you down with every man I’ve got. I’ll have a legion set on your track. And we will rip the flesh from your bone piece by piece and throw you in the darkest prison—and we are permitted to use a very special place for your kind.

Rafe: I will not accept any excuses that you were unaware of the consequences of your actions.

Kore: I will never set foot in prison again.

Rafe: I trust you. And I trust the Lord, mysterious are his ways.

Esme: Guess what!

Esme: The bootlegger delivered our Christmas cheer on time!

Author Notes:

I mean, would Eynhallow's bootlegger fail us?  no. never.