Chateau Grief 443

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Chateau Grief 443

Kore: Without that burning star in my mind it’s easier to lose track of you.

Xander: Where are we walking?

Kore: don’t mind me, it’s just a crush. Keep pushing me away and annoying me and it will pass. Thanks for not humoring this madness.

Xander: Hmph.

Kore: Except the one thing you’re not supposed to be doing is exactly what you’re doing now.

Xander: Couldn’t help myself.

Kore: I have a weird question. Why do I get the feeling that you’re sitting in Grant’s car arguing with him?

Xander: Multitasking. Wonderful stuff.

Kore: I hope it takes a few decades for me to get as freaky as you.

Xander: I prefer ‘eccentric.’

Kore: Takes Einstein to a different level, doesn’t it?

Narration (Kore): A flash of memory…

Narration (Kore): They’d teased him for his intellect. His mother was convinced that one day he’d be appreciated for his talents. But she was wrong. She didn’t have a jealous bone in her body. Didn’t understand it.

Kore: What happened to your parents when you became a telepath?

Xander: More like one day I stopped pretending I wasn’t. Oh they were incredibly proud of me. I could do no wrong.

Author Notes:

I don't have anything to say except i hate cutting these episodes in half. so awkward, i'm sorry. to be continued next week. yes it's thursday, i'm struggling, but i'm still here.