Chateau Grief 445

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Chateau Grief 445

Xander: Want a jacket? Want a tropical atmosphere?

Xander: Let’s see…

Xander: You started experimenting with drugs when you were twelve. Party cocktails, quite the young alcoholic.

Xander: You didn’t live with either parent and the boarding school was too well acquainted with your family history to interfere.

Xander: Did you have a whipping boy? No hand dare strike the king.

Xander: After you got out of that kidnapping, information about which you’re guarding very carefully— don’t worry I won’t pry —

Xander: — after you returned and you were on…the real stuff… and desperate to get off. Rehab, you got clean. And your father suddenly noticed you had a suspiciously similar mastery of tactics to his own. The conversation where he tapped you to head CIQ Verde was the fifth time you’d spoken to him since he divorced your mother when you were three.

Author Notes:

and Xander wonders how he ended up in exile. ,