Chateau Grief 448

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Chateau Grief 448

Xander: Then again, it could be a complete coincidence. Doppelgänger. In any case he doesn’t have my mind. He’s his own man.

Kore: —I never once thought — I never guessed —

Xander: He seems to be rebuilding his mind slowly, reconnecting and routing his thought processes around the damage.

Xander: I’ll stay away for now. I don’t want to blaze in like a radio dish and confuse him further.

Xander: It’s best if you delay your exit a few days until he’s more stable.

Xander: He had a brief seizure this afternoon that would have been rather destructive if I hadn’t been on hand to help him through it.

Kore: Thank you. I won’t argue about timing. I’m still supposed to be on vacation until after the new year. I suppose there’s nothing to keep me here, but I think the atmosphere is more pleasant than San Francisco.

Xander: Isn’t there?

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