Chateau Grief 461

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Chateau Grief 461

Esme: Is James there with you?

Farook: Erm…

Esme: You’ve got to meet me, right now. I don’t care about the sales. Just get out of there! Alone!

Esme: Come quickly…

Farook: Where?

Esme: Headquarters. Kore Smaragdos is there, I messed up. I messed up bad.

Farook: Did you kill her?

Esme: Oh God, I wish it was that simple! She’s offered us protection and we need to take it. We’re dead anyways.

Esme: If you only knew what has happened tonight for the Resistance!

Farook: Calm down, I’m on my way. Don’t do anything until I get there.

Farook: Stay safe.

Farook: Just use your head and everything will come out right. We’ve got good karma.

Narration(Shane): The others never liked grabbing the women. Didn’t want to face the facts. I argued for a while before setting al the records to the black books and doing it all myself. It’s not difficult.

Narration(Shane): A good man is hard to find.

Author Notes:

honey will you take out the trash? ,