Chateau Grief 463

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Chateau Grief 463

Kore: I’ve changed my mind regarding the video. Earlier clips would be best, in order to be the most convincing.

Kore: Perhaps you should have watched the video, to prepare yourself. I cannot have you turn squeamish at the last instant.

Shane: My service record speaks for itself.

Kore: Then get in position. We will begin.

Shane: Are you currently under the influence of any unusual substances?

Kore: Yes. You are about to see why.

Shane: I meant if there is any difficulty…I’ll back you up. If you want to stop…

Shane: I’ll finish the job for you.

Kore: There will not be any difficulty.

Kore: You are a glass etcher by trade, are you not? Such an interesting profession. So very artistic. Many possibilities for producing objects of great beauty. Forgive me if I mispronounce this, but the compound you use is hydrofluoric acid? Is that correct Mr. Leibovitch?

Kore: I believe your wife’s name is Linda?

Author Notes:

clawing my way back towards wednesday.  slow and steady wins the race.,